PVC Foam Sheet

PVC Sheet Manufacturer in Gujarat

If there is one name in PVC sheet manufacturer that is known for good quality, durable and long-lasting material, it is Plastimber Impex. Gujarat is the hub of PVC and other composite building and furniture material manufacturers in India.

The PVC sheets manufactured are primarily used in the construction industry, but off late, they are being used in textile industries, chemical industries as also the food and beverage industries for packaging and other applications. They are transported in rolls or long sheets of standard sizes.

They are best used for making doors, door frames, wall cabinet doors, shelves and other such storage material. PVC sheets are attractive, need less maintenance and are very durable. Plastimber Impex is one of the most reputed names in PVC sheet manufacturer in Gujarat. For more details on our products, visit http://plastimberimpex.com/

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Best Quality PVC Foam Sheet in India

PVC foam sheets or just PVC sheets are sheets of a plastic-wood composite. These sheets are easily transportable, lightweight, durable and available in different colors. There is rising demand for PVC foam sheet in India due to its widespread applications. These sheets can be used in the advertising industry for designing and erecting point of sale boards, as exhibition displays and stands, for designing walls and partitions in hotels and homes.

Plastimber Impex is the manufacturer of one of the finest PVC foam sheet and is a name reputed for good quality sheets. These sheets can be cut, laminated, printed upon, pasted upon and also fabricated as per the need of the job. It can also be used for packaging as it is durable and moisture-resistant.

It is an ideal substitute for plywood especially in moist conditions and places where termites are prevalent. The material prepared using PVC sheets are much more durable and long-lasting than plywood. They are eco-friendly as they are not treated with any chemicals and possess no health hazards. For best PVC foam sheet in India, get in touch with us.

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