PVC Foam Boards

PVC Boards Supplier in India

PVC foam board is a composite material that is used in the advertising, furniture and building industries. It can be used for making ceiling panels of buses and cars, cabinet doors, decorative wall and door panels. It's made of Poly Vinyl Chloride, is moisture-resistant and fire-proof. It lasts long and does not fall prey to termites or corrosion like wood and metal.

Plastimber Impex is a renowned PVC boards supplier in India. Our products conform to the toughest of standards and can withstand the most stringent of conditions. Having gone through a battery of tests and examinations at the production process, by the time they reach you, they are toughened to last the worst.

Using latest extrusion technology, our skilled technicians give the raw material a new life; one that is tough, good-looking and long-lasting. Using them, your doors, ceiling and wall panels, and signboards would stand out and be noticed. We are an experienced and expert PVC board supplier in India.

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Uses of PVC Furniture Boards in India

PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride is synthetic composite plastic that is used in place of wood and metal to build doors and door-relate architecture. It is the third-most widely produced polymer in India and is fast replacing conventional construction materials like wood, clay, concrete etc. in various sectors, especially the furniture sector. Plastimber Impex manufactures the best quality PVC furniture boards in India.

PVC furniture boards are moisture and abrasion resistance, chemical-free and also healthy for the environment and our bodies. You can call them healthy for environment because they are made from synthetic material and use very little power and discharges very little toxic waste. Moreover, they are considered healthy for our bodies as they do not cause rust. These furniture boards do not have the problem of powdering due to termites as well.

Plastic board suppliers can give you made-to-order designs in PVC furniture boards in India. They can be used for making kitchen cabinet doors, bathroom doors, bookshelves and cupboard doors etc.

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